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05.06.2017 in Видеоклип Live Strong | (Mix)  
I just wanted to make a little bit relaxing video, nothing to hurry. Next time i try a litttle modification
21.01.2017 in Видеоклип Override The Situation | (Mix)  
Searching for something new is only thing that pushing me forward... I wanna see things differently, so I am prepared it won't be succes on first try
18.01.2017 in Видеоклип Devil May Cry | (Devil May Cry 4)  
Quite good music fit with devil may cry
17.12.2016 in Видеоклип Melody | (Various)  
Well searching for epicness is not my thing but in this work is in high level. But when You want to impress more people it needs to be cossroad of different taste. Trying to never done before is good way to make this happen.
01.12.2016 in Видеоклип Rise of War | (Darksiders)  
Well for first gmv it has some atmosphere but this is only thing i can see... For begginer It's better to trainin slower temp music for catch a touch in edditing becouse it a little bit pain to watch.
17.10.2016 in Видеоклип Galactic Afterparty | (Mix)  
Thank you guys fo comments, but for me is too hard put logic into work, becausei am creating impulsively. Well i must find somehow different perspective.
06.10.2016 in Видеоклип We Are Legion | (Mix)  
Loving this dynamic
16.09.2016 in Видеоклип Walking Destruction | (Doom 2016)  
Илья ЧижовFrom my point of view It's best what i can do now. For me creating is about feeling charging energy, different people attract different type of creation energy and logic is not my strong part But I appreciate your comment