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06.04.2016 in Видеоклип Another Christmas | (Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (1998))  
I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to sending feedback on your video. Life is busy as hell for me XD;

For starters, I am not one to criticize a video based on its sources. I think anything can make a good video with the right execution. The concept of this video, that I seem to grasp here, is Richie Rich's relationship with his family and friends. Something that I Got You Babe would work well to convey. It's a match that potentially works.

What I will say is that this video felt as if you attempted to include the entire movie in the video. What this hurts is establishing character and setting. Scenes moved too quickly without enough time to comprehend what was happening or why. In the future, be sure to stop and think to yourself, "I like this scene, but is it necessary for what I want to say in my video?" Think about what scenes work best to depict what you want viewers to focus on.

The pacing of the video was quite fast. I can see that you followed a simple rhythm in the song to sync to with your clips. While not a bad thing, it can feel somewhat repetitive after a prolonged amount of time. I did the same thing with one of my first videos ever. There are many different styles and methods to sync to your music with. It's good to listen to your audio and take note of standout tones and crescendos to sync with to keep the flow of the video feeling fresh and engaging.

This is not a bad video. After a few views, I managed to understand clearer what was happening and enjoyed it somewhat. Don't be discouraged by the low score on your video. Editing is a constant learning experience, and if you want to improve, then always learn from your past work and apply it to your future projects. Think about what you can do differently with the next video that you feel can make it better, and it doesn't hurt to ask for feedback and advice from friends or other creators willing to help you learn and expand on your style.

So keep editing and keep learning as you go!
24.10.2015 in Видеоклип Game of Smiles | (Game Of Thrones)  
I don't watch Game of Thrones. Not even on episode, but I know of its nature and this had me laughing pretty hard. It's like a dark comedy, but without ever showing the actual dark, only implying it. This is really fun and funny. Nice job! (4.5)
06.10.2015 in Видеоклип 100 Movies Dance Scenes Mashup | (Mix)  
Holy hell, that internal sync! 8D

Very well done. I love it!
22.09.2015 in Видеоклип Tom & Jerry VS System of a Down (part 2) | (Tom & Jerry)  
God, I LOVE the internal sync in both of these videos. Great job!
20.09.2015 in Видеоклип Hell's Club | (Mix)  
Some of the masking stands out in a few shots, but overall this is a really impressive crossover video. I mean, holy crap!
05.09.2015 in Видеоклип Heisters | (Mix)  
Ironic musical tone is ironic, but also very fitting for the video. Great pacing and use of action. Sync is dead on and the transitions are very smooth. Great job, loved this! (4.5)
25.07.2015 in Видеоклип Dead Space - Deathbeds | (Dead Space 1, 2, 3)  
Nicely done! Makes me want to play the Dead Space games.
08.07.2015 in Видеоклип Tom & Jerry VS System of a Down | (Tom & Jerry)  
Two things I never thought I would see together in one video, and yet it works so insanely well. Great internal sync throughout! This was one, big nostalgia bomb for me and I was smiling the whole time.

Great job! (4.5)
20.06.2015 in Видеоклип Paper Planes | (Borderlands 2)  
Very fun video that fits the style of Borderlands 2. As I said on YT, I can appreciate this video a lot more now that I've playing BL2 for myself. Great job!
23.04.2015 in Видеоклип Жертва | (Собственные съемки)  
I liked the video itself. Solid twist at the end. The song, while fitting the with the video lyrically, had a much different mood to it compared to what I was watching. Still good though. Keep it up!
21.04.2015 in Видеоклип К Звездам (To The Stars) | (Mix (В описании))  
Very stylish action video! Nice use of footage
12.02.2015 in Видеоклип 2014 in Gaming: The Year in Under 2 Minutes | (Game Mix)  
Wow. Just, wow. O:
27.01.2015 in Видеоклип Saints GMV | (Saints Row The Third)  
I enjoyed this. Nice work for a first video. Decent flow and sync, and a fitting combination of sources. Keep it up and keep learning!
24.01.2015 in Видеоклип Чего Же Ты Ждешь? (What Are You Waiting For?) | (Mix (В описании))  
I'm not one for extreme sports. However, I really enjoyed this video. This is very well done. Nice job!
13.01.2015 in Видеоклип My World | (Mix)  
This is very intense. Great atmosphere and use of clips. Great job!
13.01.2015 in Видеоклип The Undertaker | (The Backwater Gospel)  
This was pretty much my favorite video in AWA Pro 2011. I'm glad you won best drama for it. Very well deserved!
13.01.2015 in Видеоклип Dream | (Tangled)  
Very well done. Good atmosphere, scene selection and pacing.
09.01.2015 in Видеоклип This Monkey Can Stop Your Show | (Curious George)  
This was really cute and well made. Great work!
06.01.2015 in Видеоклип America | (Gangster Squad, The Great Gatsby, Cinderella Man, Sucker Punch)  
Very intense and stylishly executed video! I especially enjoyed the fighting montage half-way through. Very nice job!
04.01.2015 in Видеоклип Night of Vicious | (Mix)  
Good combination of sources. The visuals fit well together and created a very dark and unsettling atmosphere that was also stylish and skillfully edited.

Great job!
04.01.2015 in Видеоклип Spring | (Bbc. The Private Life Of Plants)  
This was gorgeous! Very nicely done
01.01.2015 in Видеоклип Digital Slave | (Various)  
Very intense concept to focus on. This was really done! Congrats on your win at AWA!