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  18.08.2011 в 14:06
The competition:

The competition of creators is held with the sole purpose - to find out the best one. If several authors are at odds in terms of creative work or simply want to have a friendly competition, they have a chance to compete head-to-head. Any creator, regardless of his/her status and level of experience, can take part in the competition. The only limitation is that all participants of a duel should mutually agree to compete against each other.

D1 - 1 minute
D2 - 2 minutes
D3 - 3 minutes and more

Video sources:
V1 - identical video sources
V2 - different video sources

Audio sources:
A1 - identical audio sources
A2 - different audio sources

- The deadline for creation of videos is set by participants of a duel themselves, on mutual agreement.
- The participants of a duel themselves agree upon the choice of sources.
- The format of showing videos (anonymous or not) and other additional conditions, which make the competition more interesting (e.g assignment of sources or genre of work to your opponent) are decided upon by the participants themselves.
- There's no limitation on the number of participants. There can be collective (all-vs-all) or command (MEP) battles.


Terms of duel:
Sources: (if you want)
Additional info:

Participants: Norlack vs d3v1L~
Terms of duel: D2; V2; A1
Sources: Akira; Planet ES; Celldweller - Tragedy
Timeframe: from XX till XX
Additional info: Announce the duel; non-anonymous demonstration; Norlack must make drama video, d3v1L~ must make horror video.

Registration of participants:

To register, you should send me a personal message or in the forums if you want.
Indicate the list of participants, terms of duel, sources, deadline for creation of video and additonal information in case it exists.
The application form should be filled in as in the above example.

Encoding of videos:
1. Full version should be encoded via AMVsimple, in Deluxe or Standart mode.
2. Preview version shoul respectively be encoded via AMVsimple in Preview mode.

A video won't be accepted for duel, if:
1) There are significant compression artefacts
2) Footage is of poor quality
3) TV resolution of full version is far too low (320х240 or 352х288)
4) There are hard subtitles not justified by artistic intent.
5) Broken aspect ratio or interlace is visible in most parts of the video.
6) There are violations of Russian Federation legislation, in particular concerning the incitement of ethnic hatred.

Showing of videos:
When your videos are ready, a poll topic with links to your works shall be created on forum. If one of participants fails to enter his/her video before deadline, he/she is considered loser by default.

Determination of winner:
A video which scored maximum points is considered winner. Points are scored during polling on forum (1 vote = 1 point) within 3 days from the start of demonstration. No limitations on voting. The voting lasts for 3 days.

Thanks to S.A. Robert & KaWaii for the rules.