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  09.03.2013 в 21:25
Any self-made video clip based on games can be submitted to the contest. No special restrictions on the game sources are present (3D-shooters, japans or casual games will do). Clip must contain at least 50% game sources. No registration needed. We accept contest videos from 1 May 2013 to 20 May 2013 (including that date).

1) The video has to be uploaded to the server according to the deadlines above.
2) The video must be your new fresh piece of work. You’re not allowed to upload your video on YouTube or other sites, until CreaGame premiere. Videos found online will be disqualified.
3) You have to choose the type of contest while filling the form for your video.
4) The badge for the video clip has to contain “CreaGame 2013” in it (Badge - picture 200x120 which required during filling form).
5) You have to mention CreaSpace and/or the contest’s name inside the video clip.
6) The video clip cannot be less than 1 minute (not including the titles’ time).

Once you have submitted your work to the website, only you and moderators will be able to see it. If your clip successfully passes the check up, it will be located in the contests page and announced on the main page. The announcement of the new clip might be delayed to give the every video enough time to be discussed. If the video does not pass the check up or the moderators have any observations, you will see message from moderator at your video page.

Every participant is allowed to submit only one piece of work. The video clips created by two or more participants are allowed too.
The clip, that will collect the highest amount of points by jury, will be considered as a winner. There are three winners in the general nomination. The additional nominations will be represented in case more than 35 entries will be submitted to contest. Nomination will be considered open, if five or more clips are applied to it.

Clips that are NOT allowed to participate:
1) That were publicly demonstrated (YouTube or other resources) before 1 May 2013.
2) With visible compression artifacts.
3) That have low quality video or low resolution (320х240 or 352х288).
4) That contain inbuilt subtitles (hardsub), that are unrelated to the idea of the clip.
5) That contain interlace or deformated aspect ratio.
6) Letterbox videos
7) That are violating the law.
Recommended codecs:
• Video: H264
• Audio: AAC
It's recommended to use AMVSimpleGUI or MeGUI, use the following article:
AMVSimpleGUI 3

1) Will take place on the CreaSpace through special on-line form after last contest video demonstration. Jury will be formed from specially invited clipmakers and critics (list bellow). There will be two tours of voting. In first tour finalists will be chosen. In second tour winners will be distributed along the places. Tables with jury voting will be published after result publication.
Preliminary list of jury (will be updated) [2]: Archer, Norlack

1 place – 3000 rubles (~100$)
2 place – 2000 rubles (~65$)
3 place – 1000 rubles (~35$)

Additional nominations
The additional nominations will be active in case there will be more then 35 videos submitted on CreaGame.

1) Best design of visual effects
2) Most original video
3) Best technical
4) Best titles
5) Best Action
6) Best Character Profile
7) Best Comedy/Fun
8) Best Dance
9) Best Drama
10) Best Horror
11) Best Romance / Sentimental
12) Best Trailer
13) Best Psychedelic
14) Best Story
15) Best Use Of Multiple Sources

There are possibilities for other nominations, based on specific of submitted videos

Uploading Process:
1) Create Account
2) Login
3) Upload Video

Rules can be changed during contest in case of unexpected circumstances.