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  02.08.2013 в 11:08

And here we go for a 5th edition!
Here are the rules for this year's Real Contest.

Deadline: October 20th 2013

This should leave you enough time to think about a project

This year's theme: NO THEME

Like last editions, there is no particular theme to follow, you can edit any LIVE (real footage) scenes you want to.


- You can only use LIVE footage: movies/series/documentaries...
- Use of text (as motion design, not hard subtitles) is permitted
- There is no restriction about the music used.
- Minimal lenght: 1 minute 30 seconds. Intro and Outro are not included.
- Collabs/MEPs are allowed.
- Use of 2d animation footage is forbidden


There will be 3 judges this year: MagicDarkLight, Neb and myself (Okill)

Just like the last contest, Exclusive videos are strongly recommended, but you can send an already finished video if it was completed and made public in 2013.

Your video's download links must be sent in private message.

And last but not least, GO FOR IT !

(If someone wants to translate this in russian, there is no problem for me because it will not be possible with google translate xD. Anyway, I hope to see you guys ! )

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  02.08.2013 в 13:25
Okill, is it OK to send links in private message here on CreaSpace?

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  02.08.2013 в 14:14
Yes, I will check here too

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  29.10.2013 в 02:49
Well here it is finally time to announce the results. First, thank you for your interest in this fifth edition. We received a total of 21 clips so thank you to you even if the majority of these clips are not exclusive, it is a good point for the future :clap: I also thank the judges who helped me

1) Benjamin - America
2) Kain-x-Spirit - Ride a shooting star (removed at the request of the author)
3) Norlack - Doomsday_The way
4) Samuel - Walking Away
5) Sephi - Lithlad!0FxB3QYK!XxsdfFtZU ... r_9AmzDN64
6) Flow - Bordel Land!2gAw0Bhb!MRzpU26RF ... 9vR7uy6HAY
7) Hayden - Dark Velvet!RhFyTZRJ!dTOS0gN5N ... YHYYTdVeVM
8 ) Jazzsvid - Beautiful Lie
9) X-bibi - Dangerous Beauty!q1oCVIiZ!bRCG9n9RP ... up2XeJL0AI
10) Sham - Sls
11) Mr.frost3281 - Dont Forget
12) Sachavalentine - Gravity!rhp2RI6L!bEc67irIz ... vxJtcpm1tk
13) Sentient-Operation Prometheus
14) ЛеоNardo - Still Alive
15) Darkeldion - In Time!RMNTiTJa!Kdno9Hww- ... cIzyZPxW1Y
16) Костоправ - Viking!1UQhQIhC!IEwGbwfGx ... qyv6x3MGU0
17) Kebenaj - Не цілуй ... by_kebenaj
18) BurZHud - Freesliders!QBRBEDiD!GM-HFksQA ... -oMhDVR2ZA
19) - Vremja Zvezdnyh Voyn - Time Star Wars
20) Seichiroku - MMV
21) Белый шeлeст - Igrushka-pobrjakushka.(Remaster)

Benjamin won this fifth edition and Kain-x-Spirit will organize the next one !
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  29.10.2013 в 02:59
Benjamin харооош