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  12.06.2016 в 14:44
Team Battle 2016

Team Battle 2016 – international contest for teams of 3 music video creators, which will be formed by themselves. Registration required. As a result, every team must present 3 videos in the selected category. Any self-made video based on films, games, sports , etc, can be submitted to the contest. The only restriction is anime and Japanese videogames.

• Registration deadline: 12 June – 15 July 2016
• Formation of teams for participants who did not find a team: 16 - 18 Jule 2016
• Submission of videos: 12 June – 1 September 2016

- Each participant registers in this topic and selects at least two genres in which he/she may participate.
- Acceptable genres:


- The team consist of 3 participants.
- One creator can participate in one team only.
- The video has to be uploaded to the server according to the deadline, from the 12th of June 2016 till the 1st of September 2016
- We only accept exclusive videos which were never published online before.
- In case a contest video is found online (at YouTube, Vimeo, etc) before it has premiered at Team Battle 2016, it should be disqualified and published as a regular non-contest video.
- Indicate "Team Battle 2016" in submission form for your video.
- The badge for the video should be marked “Team Battle 2016” (Badge is a small picture 200x120 which should be submitted when you fill in the form).
- CreaSpace.Ru and the contest’s name should be mentioned in the video
- Lenght of contest video cannot be less than 1 minute (without credits).

Once you have submitted your work to the website, only you and moderators will be able to see it. If your video successfully passes the tech check, it will be shown at the contest page and announced at the main page. Publication of the new video can be delayed in order to give the every video enough time to be discussed. If the video does not pass the tech check or the moderators have any observations, a respective notification shall appear at the page of the video.
A video won't be accepted, if:
1) It was shown online before 5 May 2014.
2) It is made of Anime or Japanese videogames. (for those there is a separate Across contest).
3) There are significant compression artifacts.
4) TV resolution of full version is far too low (320х240 or 352х288)
5) There are hard subtitles not justified by artistic intent.
6) Interlace or broken aspect ratio is visible in most parts of the video
7) There are black bars on the top and bottom of the video (if those are not used in any way during the screening).
9) There are violations of Russian Federation legislation, in particular concerning the incitement of ethnic hatred.
Recommended codecs:
• Video: H264
• Audio: AAC, MP3

There will be only 1 round of judging. In the voting process involved only specially selected jury. The final list will be published before the voting.
Judges: Turbo

Scoring of points (3 stages) :
- a total of points scored by each team member in respective genre: 1st place - 15 points. 2nd place - 13 points. 3rd place - 11 points. 4th place - 9 points. 5th place - 7 points 6th place - 5 points 7th place - 3 points
- a total of points scored by each team member in overall ranking: 1st place - 10 points. 2nd place - 9 points. 3rd place - 8 points. 4th place - 7 points. 5th place - 6 points, 6th place - 5 points, 7th place - 4 points, 8th place - 3 points, 9th place - 2 points, 10th place - 1 point.
- additional bonus for team intro, which equals (K-POS+1) where K is the number of teams with team intro, POS is the ranking of intro in voting for the best team intro.

In the process of forming.

Uploading Process:
1) Create Account
2) Login
3) Upload Video

Rules can be changed during contest in case of unexpected circumstances.
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