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CreaCon 2017 (изменения в правилах)

Turbo [04.02.2017]

Attention everyone! Contest rules have changed.

Main changes made for this year's contest:
- prize fund increased to 40 000 roubles;
- deadline extended till 10th of April, 2017;
- a new winning category added;
- winners of main genre categories will also receive diplomas;
- Avision Media agency should be mentioned in each video. invites everyone to take part in CreaCon 2017, 10th annual contest of fan-made videos. CreaCon is the main annual event held on CreaSpace, usually tens of entries are submitted to the contest. Any kind of exclusive fan-made videos can be entered, the ones made of movies, TV series, games, sport shows, as well as self-shot footage and original 3D. The one main restriction concerns anime music videos: those are not accepted because CreaCon was originally created as an alternative to AMV contests. Videos on any subject matter are good for participation.

It's not the first time that our contest gets sponsor support from Avision Media, a full-cycle video- and design production agency. But this time Avision Media provides an overt sponsorship with an advertisement campaign aimed to support CreaSpace and celebrate 10th anniversary CreaCon 2017 together.

«CreaSpace proved itself to be not only a platform for hosting music videos but also a place to unite people. It's a place where hobby grows to become profession and casual acquaintances turn into long friendship. Avision Media studio wouldn't have come into existence without CreaSpace. And so we feel both honored and obliged to help CreaSpace in further development. On behalf of all Avision Media team we wish CreaSpace to grow and prosper, and all contestants - to find many new acquaintances and conquer new highs in creativity»

Contest schedule:
1) Creation of videos from November 15th, 2016 till 10th of April, 2017.
2) Submission of videos from March 1st till 10th of April, 2017.

Prize fund:
1st place: 20 000 roubles + statuette
2nd place: 10 000 roubles + statuette
3rd place: 5 000 roubles + statuette
«A special vision»: 5000 roubles + statuette
All winners of secondary nominations will get special diplomas.


t0m1k - 08.04.2017 в 22:37  
1 | 0
Написал sLove Key5 08.04.2017 at 22:27

Есть 50клип!Рекорд Creacon 2011 повторен!

Скоро рекорд будет побит )
sLove Key5 - 08.04.2017 в 22:27  
1 | 0
Написал t0m1k 08.04.2017 at 19:12

Работ в запасе еще достаточно, а дедлайн вот вот наступит. Что скажет администрация по поводу заливки нескольких работ в 1 день ?

Есть 50клип!Рекорд Creacon 2011 повторен!
t0m1k - 08.04.2017 в 19:12  
1 | 0
Работ в запасе еще достаточно, а дедлайн вот вот наступит. Что скажет администрация по поводу заливки нескольких работ в 1 день ?
Turbo - 08.04.2017 в 18:01  
1 | 0
Илья Чижов, пока не рекорд, но скоро побьём.
Илья Чижов - 07.04.2017 в 23:28  
1 | 0
Кстати, поздравляю нас всех с новым рекордом! 49-й клип залили. Это, вроде, новый топ.
Fury - 16.03.2017 в 18:03  
2 | 0
I will try to finish in time and join!
Anejo - 05.03.2017 в 15:17  
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Написал Madfield 04.02.2017 at 22:02

Ролик крут, мотивирует по самые гланды!

В русле поминок по своему железу - ох как мотивирует в судейскую ложу.
Крч пойду зарегаюсь.
Даже Падре, ох божечки.
Точно иду... Криа джурджис - вейт фор ми.
Uk@R - 05.02.2017 в 11:00  
5 | 0
Трейлер выиграет.
strangemanedits - 05.02.2017 в 09:09  
3 | 0
Трейлер хоть в кинотеатрах крути
Илья Чижов - 04.02.2017 в 22:57  
6 | 0
Отличный трейлер, кстати!
Madfield - 04.02.2017 в 22:02  
8 | 0
Ролик крут, мотивирует по самые гланды!