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Heath Ledger | Memory Of A Smile

Heath Ledger | Memory Of A Smile
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Видеоряд:The Dark Knight, The Four Feathers, A Knight's Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You
Музыка:Muse / Coldplay - I Belong To You / Violet Hill
Жанры:Драма / Комедия / Pop Rock
Параметры видео:1280x720 H264 (5249 kbps)
Параметры аудио:AAC
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Просмотров он-лайн:100
Meh. It's meh-ish project. But once I finished it, I didn't want to delete it. I still wanted to upload it, even though it's got a slim chance of winning. This is my final entry now. I'll be focusing on my MEP parts now. I'm going aways soon, so I need to get them done, otherwise I wont be able to to meet the deadlines. and i have no idea when i'll be back from my (presumably) short holiday. so if it does turn out to be longer than expected, i apologise. i still MIGHT be able to contact people if they need to speak to me, but i'm not sure. depends.

more about the video, anyway. i had a lot of his films on my computer anyway, so i kind of had to make one for him. though, i don't think i pieced the clips together as well as i wanted. but i've said it before and i'll say it again; filmographies are hard to make.

i realise these aren't all of heath's films, but i don't think i could have handled anymore i had trouble with these films as they were...because i suck and blow at the same time.
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