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Samuel [06.03.2017]

Welcome all on! Time of another interview with one of the best authors of our resource has come. Now it's Benjamin, the only one at the moment two-time winner of CreaCon, an annual main competition of the website.
Respondent: Benjamin – video editor of the
- "The best drama", "The best story" и "The best character profile" on "CreaGame 2013";
- 1 place in a team competition ("Scarlet Agony") and 2nd place in an individual competition on "Team Battle 2013";
- 1 place on "Real Contest 5";
- 1 place on "CreaCon 2014": "The best design of visual effects", "The most original video", "The best technical", "The best psychedelic", "The best use of multiple sources" и "The best badge to the clip" at a competition;
- 1 place in an individual competition on "Team Battle 2014": The best clip in the "Romance/Drama/Sentimental" nomination, and "The best team's intro" at a competition;
- 2 place on "CreaTrailer 2014";
- "Best Live Action" on "Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 Music Video Exposition";
- "Best Technical" on "Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 Professional Awards";
- "Best Trailer" on "Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 Professional Awards";
- 1 place on "CreaCon 2015": "The best design of visual effects", "The best technical", "The best titles", "The best psychedelic" and "The best use of multiple sources" at a competition;
- 3 place on "CreaCon 2016" and "The best technical" at a competition;
- 2 place in a team competition ("Scarlet Agony") on "Team Battle 2016".
The member of the Fatal Frame Studio.
The best author of the website for 2013 and 2014 years, and, at the moment, TOP-1 of the best authors on the rating of

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Samuel: Hi, Benjamin. Introduce yourself, please. Tell a little about yourself - where you from, and what do you do?
Benjamin: Hi everyone, my name is Andrei, I am 31 years old. Was born and, to the middle of 2016, lived in St. Petersburg. The historian in the sphere of cinema graduated from faculty of screen arts of the St. Petersburg state institute of cinema and television in the master's degree in "cinematology", in other words. Now I live in Los Angeles, California. More than 10 years professionally I am engaged in video-tape editing, creation of advertising videos, trailers of different formats (cinema, TV, the game industry). At the age of 22 years devoted a lot of time to work as the DJ in night clubs of St. Petersburg, went on tour and combined with it work on a musical label. You can listen some of my music tracks here:
But as a result, I made a choice towards a film world and everything that is connected with it.

Samuel: Both the prize-winner of video competitions, and the successful musician, directly it is visible - the talented personality. In Los Angeles you for certain appeared not accidentally. Tell us - what was the reason of moving so far?
Benjamin: "It is kind of a long, long story") Approximately at the age of 5 years I wildly watched "Twin Peaks", just couldn't come off the screen of the old big-bellied TV. When I was dragged from him when viewing the next movie, wildly writhed in hysterics - wanted more and more. Generally, some image inexplicable at that time, love to "illusion of life", so at us on study called a film world - became for me passion, after developed into the vital choice. Has so coincided what to be engaged in everything that is connected with video the editor I became shortly before the beginning of training at university. Having gained really useful and profound knowledge about industry history, the main revolutionaries and just good guys from a film world, I have decided to move on the American visa that at last, to see alive objects of the dreams and imaginations. Also, deeply sitting dream to break to Hollywood and to work in the industry, haunted and the decision has been made. Preparation has occupied about two long and difficult years, but everything has ended well and now I see Felicity Jones passing nearby down the street and I smile.

Samuel: Dreams become a reality, it pleases! Also say hello to Felicity from me. Is there a progress on the new place already? Any prospects?
Benjamin: New world, new people and impressions. Prospects open here really huge and as it isn't obviously sounds, hard work and self-confidence, believing in yourself help you to break through with this sea of stars. From the next purposes - to be engaged in a cooperation about a trailer houses, the advertising agencies which are engaged in production of trailers of all types for cinema, TV and the game industry. Further to acquire enough experience to pass to more serious step - to be able edit feature films and the shorts films.

Samuel: Big plans... well, we will wish you great success! And how you came to video editing? What moved you to begin to study editors soft?
Benjamin: It is very funny, most likely, but to video editing I came being fond of one known on-line game - Lineage 2. In far 2004-2005 when there was no YouTube and similar videos hostings yet, guys did clips on everything that could: games, movies also spread them on special forums, for example, the website was a Russian-speaking analog of that time. I think that a great number of participants of community of the "Space" anyway heard about it. Very much it was pleasant to me how under "Linkin Park" different epic games, cuttings were mounted and I wanted to make at least one same on the source code of which I was fond. So I got for the first editor soft - Sony Vegas 4.0 if I am not mistaken. Also soul to paradise rushed, was not to stop me. Did clips on everything that only could, and later few years of the dense operation in it, wanted to mount something similar only using materials from the movie. As now I remember it was "fun-made trailer" on the movie "Equilibrium".

Samuel: Great, and you can show this one? Recently the fan trailer on the same movie has just been published on our website: Equilibrium - Ultimate Trailer (Fan-Made).
Benjamin: Unfortunately, I can't, he has sunk into oblivion an information field and was dissolved in zero and units of an old hard disk. But precisely I remember that there the full mess, the DivX logo in the bottom of the screen, sharp jumps of a sound and the text, wild accelerations and infernal credits, say, all set of the rookie was created. But instead of this trailer, I can show the work which has followed afterwards. It has been made from the first two movies "Spider-Man", at that time i liked soo much the song "Shinedown - Breaking Inside"! Flaws in the clip was not less, but it was necessary to learn to select correctly music to video to a row that in my opinion, in this clip hasn't been bad made, and the rest at that moment left much to be desired) Here this "masterpiece": "Spider-man" Breaking inside.

Samuel: A suitable video in anticipation of the new movie about the Spider-man's adventures) So, how did you found out CreaSpace?
Benjamin: Has hammered in search - videos clips, and from myself added "where it is possible "to redden" safely at the first publication")

Samuel: And what was your first impressions of "Space"?
Benjamin: Oh, at that time it was just the sky and the earth in comparison with my clips. Works of top authors bewitched and induced a huge number of questions in the head. How they do it? From where such quality? how to clean fields? It is so much interesting transitions, zooms, almost frame by frame synchronization! Still I remember improbable power engineering and a creative of the guys who made MEP "Overdose", it was something really cool! Still I read the moment with synchronization of Edward Norton's hero from Fight club under a vocal of "Korn" - the best in the history of the portal. Thought then that it is an inaccessible hight and that to make up for everything not one human life is necessary) Was cool!

Samuel: Really, an memorable moment in this MEP. As we see, you successfully made it up, and for the last year in the global rating you even pushed out from the top Vadim Shapran, better known as Norlack. Tell us about your way to this top.
альтернативный текст
Benjamin: So matched that later few months after in the field of interest the Space got, on it the competition "CreaGame 2011". prepared. It was my first step. There was a strong wish to try the hand and to take part. Naturally, the end result wasn't high at all, and on the winner of a competition - Archer, with its clip "Switchback" I looked with big ecstasy. Naturally, motivations to make the subsequent operations didn't allow to sleep peacefully best of all and more qualitatively, stuffing the head with the new ideas and ways of their implementations.
Further punched hour of well-known "CreaCon". In 2012 year music video "Personal Revolution" took the 4th place. In it there were enough flaws, but I believed in the idea of the clip. Shortly before it in Norway the awful terrorist attack which claimed the lives of innocent people was conducted. This dreadful event formed the clip basis. I wanted to show how it is cruel and the person in the secret, sacral thoughts can be artful and whether he is capable of repentance after so terrible act. The genre of the drama became the main thing for my course of development as music video director, but also the science fiction loved since the childhood there was also a wish to pay a tribute respect. And I decided to alternate the subsequent operations somehow. One clip in a drama genre, another in a fantastic setting and so on.
For "CreaCon 2013" I prepared a mix "New Order" from the movies which are preferentially relating to the cyberpunk stylistics. Later this work was shown in England, at the festival "Visions of a Dystopian Future", "ViduKon 2014". The clip didn't get to the three of prize-winners, but by then I already tried to bring operations to good level - synchronization, speed, a rhythm and creation of frames.
"CreaGame 2013" brought very useful experience. Wild desire to make operation, most to write a full-fledged gameplay and further to mount it in something interesting, didn't leave a thought. Soо, "Fallen Paladin", which stopped in a step from final a top 3 again was published. But this combination of circumstances, on the contrary, gave even more than forces and motivations to go forward that in one day to be among, at last, prize-winners.
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In 2013 at the command competition "Team Battle", I decided to make a knight's move and to make operation with an involvement of the living actress, with use of technology of a keying and to impose all this business on a subject setting of America the 20-30 years. The remarkable track "Nico Vega - Beast"as it happens to me permanently, heard at the friend in the machine. Came running home and directly began to study, think over a concept. After making decision on creation of a mix from implementation of the actress in video a row, took the familiar operator and the photographer Vladimir Grigorenko. He to unwinding supported me in everything, listened to the idea and directly proposed the candidacy for a female role, charming Yana Savina became her. Day of shootings passed easily, positively. All finished shooting hour for 4 hours. The team was very pleased, and I began to process material, to select backgrounds and to cut source codes. As a result work of "America" took the second place at a competition, the first place at the French tender "Real Contest 5", and won category "Best Live Action" at the "Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 Music Video Exposition".
After the done work, forces and self-confidence got stronger and further, the task stood only one - to win "CreaCon"! For this purpose it was required to collect all ideas, thoughts and practices in a fist. To cast away tens of second-grade concepts, to listen hundreds of tracks to find that one. In a word, to find a subject really strong and urgent which will set the viewer thinking on a subject of the narration and a perspective. "Secrets" was very ambitious, tough and dark work. Frankly speaking, the rate was on it. To give a general shade to the set stylistics and to look how the viewer will react to it. I always tried to take something from the life in a basis of clips, and this didn't become an exception. Work came out really something personal and deep to what I was infinitely glad. On a result, all turned out and the clip won treasured competition and took 6 minor nominations.
At the team tender "Team Battle" finishing 2014 I was lucky to work with the famous Russian musician Evgeny Popov ("Break my fucking sky"). It provided the exclusive track "I Can See The Light" under which the decision to make the romantic and drama clip in a science-fiction genre was made. As result, the first place at a competition, thereby the second won competition in a row this year. It seems something intelligible began to turn out, what it isn't a shame to show to friends and acquaintances, mother including) Parallel to these events there was another festival "Anime Weekend Atlanta" and desire to win an award in professional category ("Professional Awards") didn't release me.
With red eyes, at 9 in the morning after 26 hours of completion of the clip, I filled in it on the server and failed to sleep. The epithet "exhausted" was the ideal description. "Digital Slave" made the way in a final top of the 5th tender where 90% of initial works made clips in art Anime style. Won the nomination "The Best Workmanship", but its live display before huge audience of a festival was the most important award for me. It was devilishly pleasant and costed all enclosed efforts and nerves.
Real work on creation the fan trailers began with "Dead Space" at the tender "CreaTrailer". The task was interesting, but also the competition haunted. Took the second place, having yielded only, excellent in every respect, "Mother" from the author UFец.
In 2015 hour of next "CreaCon"" came. I won't cut out, desire to try to become twice the winner of the largest tender of music video directors in the world, and in my opinion it indeed because the Space, in fact, has no large FMV of analogs, motivated more than ever. "Beyond Us" became even more personal than "Secrets" in due time. The idea that all romantic relations between a man and a woman is a certain connection of cosmic objects and events in the universe that directly affect us captured imagination. Vadim (Norlack) told me after I showed him the final version of the video: "It's very subtle, I guess that people can not catch this message." It's time to worry, but the belief in the chosen concept, coupled with the magical beauty of the track from the "Archive" group, did not fade. The cherished wish came true and the clip won. With confidence I can say that for today this is my favorite project, no doubt.
Afterwards, for almost a year, I decided to take a break, that I would do personal things and scrap the accumulated thoughts, build a course of development for the near future, etc.
Returning immediately to "CreaCon 2016", managed to get into the top 3 winners with the clip "WILD". I always liked this wild and ancient atmosphere of the life of those days. There is something magical about it, free and simple ... Many times I caught myself thinking that for a couple of days I would like to be in such a wild tribe and dance in front of the fire of the night for a flight)
The last to date, the competitive work was the recent "Midnighters", a member of the next "Team Battle", where I again rejoined the team with excellent guys: Rustam (Sham) and Ilnaz (LeoNardo). The setting of Victorian England has always been very attractive to me. What else would not horror suit him as well? The dark, wet and lonely streets of London. Famous urban legends, such as "Jack the Ripper", walk the streets. This mystery of the past has always fascinated, in love with myself in a special way. It was interesting to work, however, as always. I was very happy for Rustam - he took the first place in the individual rating in this contest and twice won the "Team Battle", making it back in 2013, when "America" took second place.
Strictly speaking, this is the story that happened.
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Samuel: Wow, it was powerful. Yes indeed, your videos are very different, in terms of topics. I remember, I even managed to help you with some of them. Familiar feelings and experiences. But I prefer not to dance around the fire, after so many dances with a tambourine around the computer while working on another video) So, which of the videos on the site did you like the most?
Benjamin: That's an interesting question! In these years, the site posted really talented, I'm not afraid of this word, outstanding work, many of them sunk into my soul forever, but to select from this large number of nuggets I would like those clips that I most often showed to friends and acquaintances at parties when We gathered together and included a huge plasma for viewing all sorts of interesting pieces. I note, first of all VinceRage with its "Lost In Reverie". In due time this clip fascinated me with its magic and the chosen musical theme. Really powerful thing! Non-Stop Action "Doomsday: Lost Home" from Norlack is the quintessence of the drive and action on one square frame. The whole company just screamed when viewing this work. One_More_User and his "So Cold" on the same "Equilibrium" - the "golden age" of the "Space" era. Imagine that even 10 years ago, guys already set the bar, even with the lack of HD images, and "Breaking Benjamin" was one of the favorite bands of the time. About "Overdose", I told you already above - it can be viewed endlessly - creatively, fervently and qualitatively. Not so long ago, literally in 2016 on CreaCon’s the clip "The Modern Western" from the australian author AlchemistEskimo - was published - smart work! I was the favorite of the contest, but, unfortunately, this quality mix was not included in the top three finalists. I want to wish this success, unquestionably, to a talented guy further successes and excellent ideas. When the crowd comes to the proposal: "Put something with Drum & Bass at the helm" - the choice is obvious. This is the favorite "DarkShine" by Leberate. One of the best combinations of music and video that I have ever seen. These dark motifs of the track, characterizing the deep and terrible space, fascinated me from the first seconds. The clip has its own special magic, which is hard to explain, you just have to watch and preferably loud! Touch and GMV directions. Here the ball is ruled by a mix of "HEAT" from PriDock. 1000% hurricane action, an excellent musical series and verified to the smallest detail dynamics. Often, such works do not need a plot or a head-knocking idea, they are like a new "Mad Max" - just rush through your eyes and release the gas pedal only at the very end. From the psychedelic direction, we can not fail to mention the "Gray Sunset" behind the authorship of worrytra1n. A vivid example of how, with proper selection of music and technique, you can make a truly fascinating work. Good luck to the author with new projects! The clip, which I reviewed very, very many times for completely different reasons - "Walking Away" from Samuel. Great story, smart and with good sense. A beautiful track, in many respects I wanted to revise the work because of it - everything has grown so well. In general, must see! There is no escape from the excellent in all senses, "Heisters". UFец has once again proved that it is incredibly high quality to combine shots from different films with each other. Very organic and one. Integrity is the main feature of this work. And at the end of this list I would like to put the "trailer cut" - "ETERNA" for the authorship of VadoskiN, it's Vadim Khubetec. The first author who got into Vimeo "Staff Pick" and the creator of a large number of movie trailers for Russian rental. From this is characteristic of the type of installation, he was able to squeeze almost everything. In short, well done, like all the other authors of the site. I wish all of them to continue to create, experiment and develop!

Samuel: Interesting selection of videos, and I join the wishes. I'm glad that you liked something from my work. Although I was sure that "Burning Shadow" is more to your liking. And since we started talking about your interests, tell us - which films do you prefer?
Benjamin: I really like good and quality thrillers, especially old school like Fincher's early works ("Se7en", "The Game"), D.J. Caruso ("Disturbia", "Taking Lives"), Christopher Nolan ("The Prestige", "Memento"), Brian De Palma ("Carlito's Way", "Snake's Eyes") and Tony Scott ("The Fan"). Unfortunately, now the pictures of this genre are getting smaller and smaller, the last thing that I remember very much - "Prisoners" brilliant Denis Villeneuve - a powerful movie! Christopher Smith's "Triangle" and James Ward Birkit's "Coherence" is a perfect example of how small means and forms can keep you at the screen in a daze right up to the final credits. I really hope that the thriller will survive this temporary crisis and return to its roots. But if we depart from the classical genre production and pay attention to the author's, I would like to note these brilliant tapes: "The Village" by M. Night Shyamalan, "Under the Skin" by Jonathan Glazer, "Enemy" of the same Villeneuve, "Her" by Spike Jonze, "The Zero Theorem" of my beloved Terry Gilliam and "Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" Alejandro G. Inarritu - a film that contains an incredible amount of magic details! In general, I adore a lot of high-quality and stylish movies, not an exception, good action movies, adventure genre and fantasy. As for the favorite painting, it is 100% "The Fisher King". Terry Gilliam created something amazing, deep and personal. The film is absolutely for everyone and for all of us. Thousands of years of health to the master!

Samuel: An excellent selection of paintings, I think everyone should take a note. Do you find time for a serials?
Benjamin: I'm more or less calm with this. Nowhere to escape from the "Game of Thrones", the quality speaks for itself. In his childhood he was an ardent fan of the "X-Files", he even collected clippings from newspapers, articles and stickers from chewing gums. Mulder and Scully were my heroes. I adored them with all my heart. Of course, "Twin Peaks", "LOST" - is already a classic. From the modern very pleased the first season of the show "Wayward Pines", the historical series "Vikings" and science fiction "Fringe". Just note "Fargo" and "True Detective" (where without it?). This year two really worthwhile things have come out - "Westworld" and "Stranger Things", but you most likely already know it without me and have seen everything. Now I watch "Gotham" - I like "DC", I read "DC" and I study the history of "DC". I can not help myself, it drags on in a special way, and especially the city itself with its taut noir notes. The series is really going through its new renaissance. It will be very interesting to observe these changes in the future.

Samuel: Really, we'll have a look. Do you have a fondness for literature?
Benjamin: Yes, I like to read. Especially now, but mostly science fiction and graphic novels. Most likely just because during the school program in my French school we were forced to read a lot of works, such as Stendhal's "Le Rouge et le Noir". Apparently after such a portion of love and drama, I wanted simple boyish dreams of stars and distant planets! I love Herbert’s "Dune", I admire the "The Martian Chronicles" by Bradbury, incredibly like Heinlein’s "Methuselah's Children". Not so long ago, I read all the classics from Asimov to Lem. "Solaris", in my opinion, is one of the strongest literary statements on the subject of human conscience. Now the reading is waiting for William Gibson's "Neuromancer" - the bible of cyberpunk. All icons of the world cinema, in this genre of science fiction, drew inspiration from this history. Favorite writer - Howard Phillips Lovecraft. His stories have incredibly strong demonic appeal and magnetism. The secrets and myths of our world, which he enveloped in a veil of unseen horror, fascinate, permeate the most hidden parts of the soul. Each of his works is a separate, unique journey into the depths of the unknown. In a word, this is something really unusual! As for the favorite book, it is without a doubt - the "The Silmarillion" of J. R. R. Tolkien. Undoubtedly, the book is for an amateur and, basically, for those who are well acquainted with the creativity of the professor, as well as with the genre of fantasy in general. It's very hard, sometimes, even to myself to explain why it is she. Most likely, simply because when I read it, a real epic of incredible colors and scales unfolded in my head. Imagination fountained ideas and visualized every detail. This is a very complex-structural work that requires attention and preparation, but the return subsequently exceeds all expectations!
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Samuel: Glory to "The Silmarillion"! You was mentioned that you was studied at the Faculty of Cinematography. Was it an interesting experience? Did your knowledge come in handy?
Benjamin: Yes, certainly. This was the case when study becomes an exciting adventure, not hard labor. Every year there was something new. A large number of teachers have a huge experience in international film festivals, they have always been pleased to discuss the film, learn new words of terminology and just notice something important for themselves. The most important thing in this process was a practical understanding of the fact that to study all the specifics and subtleties you need to spend more than one year on a simple review of key films. The simplest example is that when it comes to selecting a thematic material to work on a new project, knowledge and experience gained in training always help and indicate the right path. An unforgettable experience for me took place when creating a thesis. Setting and themes chosen long before this point. The theme of post-apocalypse, inspired by such classic films as "Mad Max" and "Water World", the second one I consider wildly undervalued - always attracted me in a special way. Do not get me wrong, not that I would like to see the world on fire, just the structure itself carries in itself an exclusive reception for narrative - a world without time counting. This is a kind of zeroing, re-thinking and rebirth. In a word, it is a very interesting field for studying human nature as a whole. The title of the project was the following: "Post-Apocalypse of the Zero: Protagonist and Society". The main task was to find the problem of the image of the main character of the narrative and the society surrounding it. For the range characterizing this topic was chosen the period of the late 90s-early 2000s and beyond. The main theses touched upon in the work closely, touched upon religion, the role of survival and the return to natural reflexes. It was an excellent life experience, no doubt!

Samuel: I hope, you passed perfectly? And tell me about how you chose your pseudonym. I remember, originally you used another - Andrey Wave.
Benjamin: Defended successfully. About the pseudonym - everything is very simple. Previously, I did not think for long, just took the old pseudonym, which I used during my work as a DJ. And after, I really liked the band "Breaking Benjamin", however, as well as the very combination of these two words. I did not want to take something in harmony with the word Benjamin, I just thought of leaving it alone - it was so easy and beautiful to read. And so he did. So there is nothing superseding here, let's continue further)

Samuel: What other musical artists do you like? And what kind of music inspires you to work?
Benjamin: Incredibly love ambient and chillout - they always help in any mood. In every possible way I recommend the compilation "The Dune by Mike G". This is a magical journey into deep space, to the very planet Arrakis, the site of the novel by Frank Herbert "Dune". Awesome thing! Collections of "Cafe del Mar" are always beautiful, listening to them constantly visualize the warm summer sun at sunset of the day, descending over the sea horizon. Quite a romantic thing, what can you do?) Father spent his entire life collecting tapes with jazz, recording all the radio programs that he could, and letting them listen to me. Over time, the love of jazz music also appeared in everyday life. Here, the choice of composition, style and presentation does not play a role. I like almost everything that the masters of this genre created, but in particular I respect the creativity of "The Ink Spots", you can learn their performances if you are familiar with the series of games in the universe "Fallout". The creativity is inspired by the music that has a resonance in the heart. Often it reflects on my internal state in a specific period of time and place. For example, it draws on something historical, connected with the life of ancient civilizations and peoples - I listen to music in the spirit of "Jesper Kyd – City of Rome". want space and depth, I choose "Nervous Testpilot - Frozen synapse", "Hybrid - Classics" and similar in sounding electronic albums. Now I'm wildly listening to the soundtrack for "La La Land" from Justin Hurwitz, it's just some kind of unreal beauty work, however, like the film itself. Music is so beautiful, in my opinion, that at the right time she will find the way to you and will present a huge number of new emotions.

Samuel: Definitely will join in. Do you play video games?
Benjamin: Yes, of course. The gaming industry is a new titanium of modern culture and does not take it into account when it comes to the impact of new media on our society, at least strangely. I have a fairly extensive game past, let's say, I'm a fan of the old school old school RPG. He grew up on the works of such companies as "BioWare" ("Neverwinter Nights", "Baldur's Gate"), "Black Isle" ("Fallout", "Planescape: Torment"), "Troika Games" ("Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura"). Since he was very fond of reading and experiencing adventures - this genre was a real discovery. It was possible for hours to get into the most interesting dialogues, to study the worlds and to be surprised by the imagination of the authors. At a more mature age, he became very fond of the so-called "immersive sim's" ("BioShock", "Deus Ex" and the recent "Dishonored"). This, perhaps, is the best example of the moment when the game becomes a really fascinating pastime. "Mass Effect" and "Batman Arkham" are the two most memorable trilogies. The worst thing that had to play in recent years - "Alien: Isolation". I still remember the chill on my back, present at the time of this nightmare. The atmosphere of a deep, cold space, coupled with the sudden appearance of someone else's, frightened me to fools. But it was a really interesting experience! About "Dark Souls" you can talk for a long time, but I'll try very shortly - one love! And the most deeply remembered emotions over the years have caused me two projects: "SOMA" and "Inside". The concept of "narrative" to these two beautiful games is applicable to all 100%. This is small, small masterpieces and I strongly recommend that everyone try them. Very wise and clever things are spoken out there.

Samuel: Familiar with many of the mentioned, can't help but approve the choice. But let's go back to video editing - how do friends and relatives feel about your hobby? And how did they feel about your moving to another continent?
Benjamin: I hope they like it. In general, now it's all good! Previously, there might have been some skepticism, at the very beginning, but over time, when something really began to happen, I got very strong and motivating support from them. With the move, too, there was no problem. On the contrary, they said that he would go faster already and begin to open new horizons and pursue new goals. Thank them for that - I will continue to try to surprise them pleasantly!

Samuel: It's good, you can't do without the support. You've already talked about your plans in America. For sure, you go to the goal without restraining (but I hope, not as in your video America - with the fight and shootings)). And how do you rest in a new place? Heard you traveled a bit?
Benjamin: In California, in my opinion, there are a lot of interesting places for recreation and creative inspiration. In the state are concentrated such natural objects as: lakes, rivers, ocean, deserts, mountains, parks and forests. In short, an excellent choice for any desire. The most memorable journey, and all that it involves, was a trip to Las Vegas. A city-disco, a place that never sleeps. Very noisy, very bright and much fun. From the first and until the last moment of stay, I was not left feeling of being in any Hollywood film about gambling and bright nights. Immediately I remember the wonderful film "Leaving Las Vegas" with Nicolas Cage. The biggest win, he was finally the last, we took in the first casino. Having safely walked all the good things, went back to Los Angeles. On the way back looking at the map, I noticed one small dot called "Goodsprings", it was that tiny town from the famous game "Fallout: New Vegas". We went there. Cutting not one circle around empty, from a kind, a place we stopped near a saloon. Around really there were not souls, just parked motorcycles and village pick-up trucks. But inside the house the real provincial-American life was boiling! Waitress in cowboy boots and hats, bikers and a live ensemble performing country music. In a word, it was magical and very cozy! Visited the famous "Valley of Death" in the Mojave Desert. Remember the very scene of the trip on the gig of the heroes of Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". It was right there in that very place. Stuck at night in the desert in the rain. We decided to go around the motorway in a shorter way. Did not work out. As a result, they were late wherever possible, and stayed overnight in a classic roadside motel. Yes, yes, in those very places where there is a good half of the stories of classic thrillers. But everything went without incident. Still very memorable mountain town "Big Bear". It is remarkable, first of all, for its interesting location. You go through the desert, in the summer, you climb the mountain and fall into the autumn. Cool contrast! Yes, and there they prepare an unrealistically delicious pie with berries and they cook amazing coffee!

Samuel: I'm sure it's damn good! And what are your principles in life?
Benjamin: Believe in yourself and in what you do, of course. Any positive energy that you put into the work, with time, will necessarily return doubly. Nothing just happens and does not happen. There is a reason for everything. Set new goals for completing the current. Continually study something new, regardless of the nature of the activity. Watch a lot, read a lot. Choose those concepts that are closest to your heart and the perception of the world. Do not exchange for trifles. Focus on what is important at the moment.
альтернативный текст
Samuel: What is your approach the work on the clips? And what can you advise in this?
Benjamin: Trusting intuition. This is the main principle that I follow when I start doing a new job. Usually I collect in my head three or four topics of interest and the accompanying settings - this is the basis of the structure of the idea. I select for each of these options the most stylish and beautiful musical accompaniment. Many times I listen, I lose separate pieces of trailers or films. I watched as it will "play" a combination of audio and video. In the end, I choose one. Then I sit down for Virtual Dub, cut dozens of hours of material. Further all this kindness is sent to the assembly table. Preference has long given the program Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I really like the functionality, along with the convenient setting of hot keys and a link in After Effects - very convenient. But also to include in the working skill skill of possession Avid as will not be superfluous. Whatever one may say, this is the most popular program for editing movies. I prefer to work "on the wave", i.e. Try to do as much as possible in one day with a maximally charged inspiration. About what you need to pay attention to detail and clearly build a visual series to talk about, I think it's not worth it. These are self-explanatory things, but one must always remember them. Sometimes, it's better to move away from some standard methods or practices - something can be completely new and unique. Now I would advise everyone to do as many mashups as possible, using a combination of a large number of sources with the use of sound design and speech. It's very fashionable now and will greatly increase your installation level.

Samuel: I agree, the more diverse and unique the video - the more interesting and epic it is. But Sony Vegas is one love for me! What do you think about the genre of FMV? Can you note the trends and stages of development of our creativity?
Benjamin: In my opinion, FMV is a great platform for starting a video editing career. Often, the reason to turn on the video editor for everyone is different. Work on the TV channel, the installation of films, animations or commercials. But to sit down and make really interesting cuts from various media resources is a test, behind which many aspects are hidden, in the understanding of the very essence of the profession. Create from chaos, harmony or, conversely, create a "harmonious chaos." This is a challenge, it's interesting! Inside its framework, the genre offers to experience an interesting experience, not comparable with other areas of video editing. It is fresh, exciting and perfectly helps to perfect the sense of taste, style and technique. In every way I support the popularization of this type of creativity to the maximum extent. Abroad, by the way he was awarded the conditional name "Fan-Made". The main trend for today I see in the creation of "mash-up" clips. Remember, "Hell's Club" - an ideal example, and what publicity he received! This is the case when the author was able to use the entire editing tools to create his own unique story, based on popular films. I would very much like to see more such works and the course of movement in this direction. As for the past trends, it is quite possible to return "Epic Cut" clips, but with a more thoughtful logic, and not with shots in one boiler from the video sources that are different from each other. Yes, of course, there are good examples when one movie and an ideal soundtrack were enough for the success of the video. Now, in my opinion, leaving in such a classical approach to FMV is a certain step back in creativity, as the author should grow in his eyes and the eyes of the audience with every new work. And the best way to achieve this growth is to put more complex editing tasks for yourself and try to implement them. So just experiment, ask yourself a high bar and create your own conceived creative concepts!

Samuel: We need more epics! And what are your future plans? Will you take a part in "CreaCon 2017"?
Benjamin: Being a fan of DC Comics and his imprint "Vertigo", I really want to make a big mash on the screened films and serials based on graphic novels, but this requires waiting a year or so until a couple of hot releases come out. Be sure to touch some historical era, say the Renaissance - I'll try my strength there. I also plan to create a job in the style of anti-utopia - I always felt awe and interest in this topic. And of course, to do more trailers, different types of structure and style. As for the upcoming jubilee of "CreaCona'a" - I will definitely support the competition. We are all part of a large community and in our hands its future!

Samuel: I support, Amen. Perhaps, we will end on this note, thank you for the interesting detailed answers. Would you like to wish something for our authors, audience, friends?
Benjamin: I wish the authors to take new, complex tasks and bring them to completion. Try to experiment with the language of editing. To take part in competitions and competitions on FMV as often as possible, the benefit now becomes much more. Try to break out into the film industry and apply their skills there. In general, shoot in all directions to the maximum! I really hope that our viewer will grow with the authors, since everything that we create, one way or another, gets to your mind. It's always interesting to get a variety of feedback and understand what you did right, and where did not take into account certain details and nuances. This helps a lot in professional growth. Thank you for being! Close friends and friends I wish health, as well as all the rest! Eat more blueberries, it perfectly helps with vitamins for our eyes. And once again, thank you, Alexander, for the invitation. Sun, warmth and love to all! See ya!

Samuel: Thank you for your time. With us was the only at the moment two-time champion of "CreaCon", the great and terrible Benjamin.
And finally, a surprise - his fresh video, not yet published on our site:


Benjamin - 14.03.2017 в 22:09  
0 | 0
Написал Samuel 09.03.2017 at 02:37

как-то сказалось на тебе? И каковы эмоции и мысли по этому поводу?)

В Калифорнии все без перемен, все на позитиве - солнце греет) Надеюсь, что приток свежей иностранной крови только усилит индустрию.
Samuel - 09.03.2017 в 02:37  
0 | 0
Спасибо всем, в скором времени поступят следующие интервью лучших авторов сайта.
Да, кстати, совсем забыл спросить у
Написал MIBIHA 06.03.2017 at 08:48
"Андрей Волна"
насчёт избрания Трампа в президенты США)
Benjamin, это как-то сказалось на тебе? И каковы эмоции и мысли по этому поводу?)
-Faith- - 08.03.2017 в 16:04  
7 | 0
Такие вот интервью многих мотивируют развиваться дальше и не останавливаться на достигнутом. Спасибо Бенджу и Сэму, что уделили для него время, очень интересно)
Бэндж, успехов и удачи на Голливудских холмах!
Benjamin - 08.03.2017 в 07:16  
1 | 0
Написал Anejo 06.03.2017 at 12:09

Встречные вопросы (авось кто заметит)- пригодились ли тебе номинации на иностранных конкурсах,
и просто женское-по факту - не играл ли ты на фестивале под Кронштадтом.

Спасибо, да под Кронштатом играл, но это было очень давно. Да, конечно пригодились. За рубежом на них смотрят с уважением и они имеют большой вес когда разговор заходит о конкретных рабочих моментах.
JustRukia - 07.03.2017 в 08:51  
1 | 0
Никогда не читал интервью целиком, но тут изначально проявился интерес к прочтению. А связанно это скорее с тем, что не покидало ощущение будто на вопросы отвечал я. Когда был больше жив, чем мертв.
Конечно поменять некоторые моменты такие как Lineage II на WoW. Ну и предпочтение конечно разные. Но в основном достаточно близко по содержанию эмоциональные события.
Нельзя не отметить и то, что заряд позитивной энергии так и хлещет из данного интервью, что даже мне удалось самому ненадолго поднять веки.
Если от меня и осталось что-то человеческое, то оно безусловна радуется, что у автора все так сложилось. И действительно здорово, когда ты видишь цели в жизни.
Зрячий, не зрячий... А если не смотришь — все равно не увидишь. (с)
Будем с интересом наблюдать за вашими успехами в этом деле.
Илья Чижов - 06.03.2017 в 19:28  
1 | 0
Эпической крутизны текст!(!!!!) Весь день прошел в приподнятом настроении! Молодцы! Искренне рад, что год назад почти случайно зашел на "Спейс"! Сегодня на монтаж под влиянием ресурса смотрю уже совсем под другим углом. И очередное спасибо за мотивацию (воткнул еще 8 гигов оперативы и ушел качать сорс в 4К)! Заслуженное первое место в списке авторов и наилучшие творческие пожелания всем авторам и участникам "Кона"!
MesoGear - 06.03.2017 в 16:10  
1 | 0
Респект, чё..
Неплохой мотиватор, пошел допиливать клип на крикон.
t0m1k - 06.03.2017 в 15:13  
1 | 0
Отличное интервью. С интересом прочитал от начала и до конца.

Собственно, клипы разных тематик и жанров соответствуют столь разносторонне развитой личности.
Ваш вклад неоценим, как минимум потому, что каждый участник кона (в том числе и я), будущего или прошлого, видя никнейм Benjamin всегда понимали, что чтобы обскакать этого парня, придется прыгать на голову выше... Тем самым, автор всегда задавал планку соперничества и азарта. Часто ваши работы казались слишком мудреными... заумными... но со временем, начинал замечать, что это говорит во мне не совсем благородное чувство... а как итог, работы все пересматривались и пересматривались на винте...

В общем, успехов вам во всем, вы твердо идете к своей целе, и это прекрасно. Продолжайте и дальше держать ту самую планку в будущем, подавая пример будущим клипмейкерам и зрителям.
ЛеоNardo - 06.03.2017 в 13:44  
1 | 0
Интересное интервью. Бенж отличный клипмейкер, хороший лидер с организаторскими способностями!) Позитивно повлиял так же и на мое творчество, дал пищу для ума) Переезд в USA вообще эпик, желаю и дальше идти к свои целям и мечтам шаг за шагом. Надеюсь следующие работы все так же будут нас радовать) Всех благ, бро
SandY - 06.03.2017 в 12:33  
3 | 0
Да, хорошее интервью. Спасибо Сэмюэлю! Я даже для себя нашёл здесь месседж... хе-хе-хе... по поводу того, что 1фильм+1трек - это шаг назад в FMV-творчестве... (хотя, наверное, респондент имел в виду не лично меня, а таких, как я, - любителей "одновалентности"). Ну, будем иметь в виду...
Anejo - 06.03.2017 в 12:09  
1 | 0
Оххх. Только большая белая зависть в кубе) Одним воздухом дышали, я живу за 3-5 остановок на трамвае от ИКИ. Два ботинка- а такая разная судьба. И где-то внутри - совершенно наивное и необоснованное, но все таки. Конечно, если скинуть лет 10, то наверняка у меня бы хватило смелости уйти в визуальные жанры, но теперь - се ля ви.

Очень понравились фото (хотя положа руку на сердце, я тут была рядушком в 2014 и хотелось бы сделать авторские фото,хотя бы не хуже...)

Интервью супер.

Молодцы, что разместили, мне всегда казалось странным, что такая хорошая практика на ньюсе- тут пока не прижилась.

Встречные вопросы (авось кто заметит)- пригодились ли тебе номинации на иностранных конкурсах,
и просто женское-по факту - не играл ли ты на фестивале под Кронштадтом.

А вообще, очень надеюсь, что для ресурса будут появляться хорошие работы... Ну и удачи на новом месте, чтобы все вершины покорялись! От всей моей дождлиовй мрачной питерской души)

Спасибо за интервью)
PS не люблю Интерстеллар из-за недодуманности, и даже неопределенности, что там хотели показать негатив или позитив (например, большинство фантастов вроде Лема четко формулировали свой посыл. Пиркс- позитив и вера в человечество, Фиаско- негатив.. Но клип все равно классный)
Dm1try[A] - 06.03.2017 в 10:59  
2 | 0
Начну с конца: Les friction тащит, у автора отличный музыкальный вкус.

Что касается самого интервью - читать было интересно. Если честно, вдохновляет. Развить хобби в профессиональный уровень, который при этом пользуется спросом - это здорово. Спасибо за интервью.
MIBIHA - 06.03.2017 в 08:48  
4 | 0
Помню как-то Вадим показал твою страничку в вк, или тогда был показ ФМВ 2011го года(да, точно), я еще тогда тебя прочитал твой ник, как "Андрей Волна", Вадим долго угорал, и я не сразу понял что это и есть ты, Бенжамин)
Прямиком с 2011го следил за твоим развитием, основная часть твоих м/в реально считаю продуманными. Касательно интервью - было интересно читать, особенно "напутствия" понравились, и то правда — зачем размениваться на мелочи, отдаляясь от своих истинных целей, тут на 100 % согласен с тобой.