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Samuel [24.03.2017]

Welcome all on! Series of the interviews with the best authors continues. Meet -Faith-, the winner of CreaCon 2013 and the most successful girl-author on the global rating of our website.
Respondent: -Faith-, video editor of the
- 3 place and "The best psychedelic" on "CreaCon 2010";
- 2 place and "The best psychedelic" on "CreaCon 2012";
- 1 place on “Creacon 2013”: "The best drama" and "The best use of multiple sources" at a competition;
- 2 place in a team competition and 3nd place in an individual competition on "Team Battle 2013";
- 2 place and "The best story" on "CreaCon 2014";
- 1 place in a team competition and 2nd place in an individual competition ("Happy Three Friends" team) on "Team Battle 2016": The best clip in the "Romance/Drama/Sentimental" nomination and "The best team's intro" at a competition.
TOP-4 of the best authors on the rating of at the moment.

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Samuel: Hello Faith, finally it’s your turn! For the start, tell a little bit about yourself.
-Faith-: My name is Anna, and I live in Kiev for 4 years already, where I work as an video editor in the cybersport industry. I spent 20 years of my life in my hometown of Kremenchug, where I got an accountant education, fortunately, not yet come in handy.

Samuel: Unnecessary education so familiar, I understand. But overall development. Tell us about your e-sports career, I think it would be interesting for a lot of us.
-Faith-: Well, I will need a little backstory on that. First of all, big thanks to the Creaspace. Thanks to this site I found work and good friends. Sounds kind of banal, but it really was like this. And big thanks to Norlack, who helped me with the work, where I work to this day. The only thing I knew about the company was that it was organizing e-sports tournaments and broadcasting various events on "Dota 2", "CS: GO" and a bunch of others.
I came there without any understanding what e-sports is, but with great enthusiasm and a desire to work. And, of course, the idea that earning on your hobby - it is quite real, very urged me to give all the best. My task was quite simple - to make beautiful and epic clips to various events and broadcasts. What, in fact, I am doing now:
WESG Europe Qualifiers Trailer
Space Soldiers - "Breakthrough"
But I can’t call monotonous or boring, even on the contrary, after so much time it has not become boring. Partly due to the fact that you do not sit still at one place, and each new tournament is interesting in its own way and brings new impressions. So you do not get bored)

Samuel: I join thanks to the Creaspace and Norlack! You have a very interesting job, and as far as I know, on business trips all over the world you spend a lot of time. Tell us, what interesting places have you already visited?
-Faith-: Usually on business trips it’s rarely possible to see something besides the tournament itself. But last year I was in Los Angeles, where I managed to see Hollywood and the "Walk of Fame", and for me, as for a moviegoer with experience, this place was the number one on the wish list. Also was in San Diego. I liked the city so much that I don’t leave hope of returning there in the future. I also visited Dubai, Shanghai, Changzhou ... But, probably, the most memorable trip was not connected with work.
Last year I managed to visit the "Cannes Film Festival" (to fulfill one more moviegoer dream, so to speak). We went to present the film of Vadim (Norlack) "Must Escape". And this was definitely the most interesting trip in life. The whole city turns into a continuous film dream. In each building there are offices of the largest studios and world editions. And, of course, a lot of parties for the stars held on the waterfront of the city, and big crowd of people gather around the entrance, trying to figure out a way to get there. Of course, we were no exception. We tried to get to the couple of movie premieres, but the impressive sized guys at the entrance quickly persuaded us.
And although we did not get to the closed party to the stars, we still managed to see several celebrities. For example, Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, George Miller, Kristen Stewart, Adam Driver. It is a pity that there was a lot of people like us, and it was not easy to grab a photo with them.
And I was so impressed by the atmosphere of the festival and the number of talented people there who are doing their favourite thing in life that I fired up with the idea of becoming more involved in the world of cinema in the future. But in what stage of the process even for myself haven’t decided yet)
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Samuel: It's not long for us to get caught up in passion for filmmaking! Perhaps someday your name will also be on the "Walk of Fame". And how did you start your way in FMV-making? And how did you find
-Faith-: My path to the world of editing began quite funny, even before we bought the computer. My older brother, Selabris, has instilled in me a love of cinema from a young age. At 13-14 years I knew the whole filmography of many directors. The Internet and the computer have appeared very late at our house, but we had two video recorders. We managed to edit with their help ... well, not edit ... rather cut. Two video recorders and about 200-300 videocassettes (at that time, we were the owners of a decent video library). And we edit them, by recording the separate moments in a certain order on one cassette. Yes, it sounds strange, but how cool it was!) We had tv shows openings, epic explosions from movies, etc. I still feel affection for the openings of the 90s shows.
Earlier, for each series there was an opening lasts like a minute that were changed every season ("Friends", for example, was the best, even special opening was shot for thematic series), but now a good opening for the series it is a rarity. It sounds like "in my time all was better!". But, I miss the openings, which did not spare screen time.
Well, that was my first acquaintance with the editing in general)
After the appearance of the computer, I competed with my brother in Movie Maker without any rest, we did 5-7 clips per week, or even more.
And, by the way, not one was lost. I still keep, review them and wonder how much time we spent on this ...Starting from 2006, and until 2008, we made about a hundred videos in a different programs, until we settled on Sony Vegas. With Internet, everything became much easier - I began to study the programs, look at other editor’s work , and then I found CreaSpace. I don’t remember how it happened. I remember only that for a very long time I watched the videos of others and edited for myself, without any desire to spread my work. So I registered my account in 2008, and the very first video was posted only in 2010. And my brother literally forced me to send my work to Space. If not him I would still edit the "perfect" clip just for myself.
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Samuel: Editing on VCRs it’s so old school! It would be a sin not to ask you to show a couple of such old school works - will you show it to us? And thanks to your brother for one of the top authors of CreaSpace. By the way, how did you move to the top of CreaSpace?
-Faith-: Unfortunately (or maybe it’s for the better), the first works on tape recorders remained on tape, and now, probably, they are dusting somewhere in the attic, together with the entire video library.
But the first attempts on the computer it’s not a shame to show right now.
The very first movie in Movie Maker was made in 2006 (jees, ten years has passed!) To "King Arthur": King Arthur (FMV)
It turns out that I like damage quality from the very first video! XD
One more video, was made in 2007, and it’s my only work on a Russian song, after this experiment, I didn’t return to this style (and that's for the better): DOA (FMV)
As for the top rating of Space, I would never have thought that I would be at this list.
After I found Space, editing became a number one hobby for me and even a habit.
And I was very impressed by the works from the top authors on Space. I mostly studied on their works. My skill at that time was much lower, and I even didn’t know how they did it.
I remember,how I was impressed with the clip "Alone" from exi.
Even now, rewatching it, I have a feeling of nostalgia. When this clip came out, I watched every single frame multiple times and studied the technique. And exi was the author who I admire a very long time.
Another video, which was very impressive, "Lost In Reverie" by VinceRage.
Very few clips makes such an impression on me now, as this clip at that time. And still he gets in the top 3 of my most favorite clips. I think that everything is perfect in it: music and video combination, transitions, rhythm - I would change nothing in it.
These videos from the best authors motivated me to develop my skill.
In editing, I always like how author with the help of the right music and video combination can immerse the viewer in the atmosphere created by him. You do not always need to have a best technical skill, but you need to be able to convey your idea and feelings through a combination of right shots and music. I like how Stephen King talked about writing: "This is the art of telepathy. Your task is not just to write words on the page, but to transfer ideas from your head to the heads of your readers. " To some extent, this applies to editing also. If the author brought his idea to the viewer, made him to feel emotions, then the most important goal was achieved. Many other aspects are also important - synchronization, color correction, and other technical moments, but in the world of editing, I originally came for the emotions that brings me this kind of creativity. In my videos I want to convey the emotional component as best as possible, but not always everything goes as planned when you edit.
Probably, due to the fact that the world of editing doesn’t stop to amaze me with the most excellent works, and makes the authors to come up with something new each time, I am still fascinated by this process from the idea creation up to the final rendering.

Samuel: It is a pity that we will not see your VHS-videos. But King Arthur (link to the picture with the sleeping Archer with blue crown in a shiny little children's room) approves your first movie in "Movie Maker"!
And "DOA" video will certainly find a lot of fans - a good dynamic and funny synchronization.
"Alone" from exi - also still one of my favorite videos.
And also maybe someone saved "Lost In Reverie" the FullHD version?).
Idea and emotionality is very important, and I hope that you will not leave the FMV scene, because your work has also impressed many. Speaking of them - tell us how you created the clips published on the site.
-Faith-: Well, after the first, quite positive feedback on my first video "My angel", the desire to compete in the contest with the best editor of the site increased. "CreaCon" was on the way, and I put all my powers and all my free time to make my next work. The idea of "Into the dream" appeared from the song "Ben Cocks - Busy Dreams", which I used.
I do not remember how I found it, but I think this song was just perfect. The track was very unusual and simply created for editing. After that, I started a large-scale search for sources, and I got so carried away that even a couple of shots from the advertisement I put into the final version of the video. But this work taught me a lot of things, especially about working with several sources. Well, everything turned out the best - the third place in the contest! I could not believe that my work was chosen in the top three of more than 40 clips. I didn’t even dream about it.
After that, there was not even a question about whether I would continue to develop. After two such melodic video posted on the site, I wanted to do something dynamic. I planned to make an action, with explosives and shooting, but then the on screens went "Sucker punch", and I liked the stylistics and beautiful shots. "Shut your mouth" was a fan work, and it was made for training of my skills of synchronization and rhythm. As well as - "My medicine". Also I like the genre of dance so much, so I had to try it.
But "CreaCon 2011" was on the way, and I was completely unprepared for a number of reasons, but I did not want to miss the competition, and in the shortest time I did "Diagnosis". Due to lack of time, the work turned out to be not good and one of the weakest. Personally, I never rewatch it and I think that it was a step back for me at that time. After that, I didn’t make anything until the next "CreaCon 2012", to this contest I created the psychedelic "Insanity".
I do not know why, but the psychedelic genre is still the closest to me. I like how it can be organically combine other genres. Especially drama and psychedelic, sometimes it’s a very good combination.
Turned out that "Insanity" is my most personal work, many emotions were invested in it, and the work came out exactly as I planned it to be - very dramatic and negative. And this time I got to the second place of the contest.
And now it was time to make a plan for the conquest of "CreaCon 2013". The idea of "Falling Earth" was already in my hands, and also I found a wonderful track. But the work was very difficult, I had to force myself to edit. And with this approach, I think, it's better not to do clips, so I switched to another, with a more positive theme - "Making of".
So one work inspired me to finish another, and both were ready for deadline (and again, thanks my brother for help). And, finally, the first place was mine.
This was my way to the top, almost four years. But I do not want to stop on this at all, ideas always appear in my head, but even I have not much free time for their realization, I try not to miss the opportunity to participate in the next contest.
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Samuel: Excellent, I hope on "CreaCon 2017" we will see your work. "Into the dream" made a great impression on me when I first came to Space. Although the quality of the video left much to be desired. But two clips for one contest, when one of it is a winner - it's strong. What other competitions did you remember the most? Emotions, interesting moments?
-Faith-: That's an interesting question. On CreaSpace most likely I remember "Team Battle" contests more than others. It’s very interesting to work in the team and also communication between the authors could be quite difficult. And in this contest there is no place for laziness. If you would be lazy you will led the team down. Such competitions motivate, and teamwork helps to develop new ideas.
Outside of Space I took part in various competitions of clips on different "geek" - contest around the world. And the victory on one of them I remember more than the rest. I don’t remember the name of the event, but the prize made an impression. What exactly the winner will receive in the rules was not indicated, and I waited for the package somewhere about a month. Knowing that it would weigh almost a half kilo, I imagined a huge cup, but ... I was slightly mistaken. There was a rubber ball shaped like a rocket! Well, also a lot of any anime magazines, which added weight to the package. I wish I was an anime geek. But also there was a medal with my nickname, nice, dammit!
But more than events on the site I remember offline meetings of the editors. One of the first meetings, which I visited, was the Otobй festival in 2011, where I met many authors of Space and News. And after that I often came to such events, for example, showings of "CreaCon" clips at the cinema in 2011, where for the first time I saw my work on the big screen. Thanks MIBIHA, for organizing such events. It is unfortunate that such gatherings are extremely rare. But these moments the most remembered and leave positive impressions.
I think such event should be a tradition, it would be a great opportunity to talk. In a year like this 2012, 20 people from AMVNews and CreaSpace gathered in the Crimea, and it was very cool! We lived in the same house, watched the clips, some even edit, and, of course swimmed and relaxed. It was very cool, I think we need to repeat it! Because, looking back, these moments I remember most of all. Of course, it's great to participate, win contests and communicate on the site, but nothing will replace live communication with like-minded people.
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Samuel: Probably, that geek-convention was "Con.Version", Also received such package) Yes, many thanks to MIBIHA for organizing the shows. And, of course, I also for meeting of the editors - it was great, we must repeat it! And who do you personally know from editors?
-Faith-: Well, first of all I could start with you, and I also know Archer and Benjamin, whom I met when you came to Kiev. I also see those who live in Kiev: d3v1l, Safira and MIBIHA.
Of course, my brother Selabris and his wife Bagira, who already joined our community on the site!
And I'm also know author of the two best clips of "Team Battle" - Sham. Well, how I can not mention Norlack!
And even if I'm not a frequent guest on AMVNews, but it can be considered as Big Brother of the Creaspace, and I know from there a few authors, such as Squirrel, 5c0rp10n, and ZEVS1993.

Samuel: So you have a whole family of editors, I hope they will surprise us with their works. And how family and friends, and, in general, people around you revale to your hobby? And maybe you can remember some interesting moments related to this?
-Faith-: Support me of course! At first, of course, all of this was something new for them, but eventually they understood it, and now they only motivate and support me. And another special thanks to my mother, who reacted with understanding to my hobby, when I just started to get involved in it. Although I made her nervous, spending a lot of time on the computer.
And knowledge of the editing programs turned out to be very useful to me at the University. Once it even helped me to pass an exam in computer science. I did not have to answer questions, but simply tell the teacher a little bit about editing in Sony Vegas. I remember those disapproving glances of my classmates.

Samuel: About the university - very familiar to me) And about the site - do you watch anime, and how do you relate to AMV?
-Faith-: I don’t like anime and do not watch it. Like, absolutely. There was a couple of attempts - but no! I know that a lot of time and effort is spent on good anime clips, but I never wanted to try myself in this direction, because when you don’t the sources, you start investing less. I also rarely go to the News, except when I want to see the results of the next "Big Contest". Well, there are a couple of anime clips that I like, for example Rebelion - "TRNGLE" and lolligerjoj - "Into The Labyrinth", but that's probably all.
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Samuel: Then let's return to our resource. Whose authors on Space do you like the most? You already mentioned exi and VinceRage, but "need moar"!
-Faith-: I can make a very long list.
For example, gef is one of the best authors on Space, I was inspired by his works. "Story of one story" was a total blast for me. This work had such an original idea and that I include this clip in my top 10 clips even now. And, of course, inspired by this video, I made my "Making of". Gef also has an amazing drama / psychedelic "Exit to nowhere".
The dramatic genre is very complex in structure. It's hard for three minutes to make the viewer feel the atmosphere. In the same time you still need to build a good plot, observe all the ups and downs of the track, connecting with synchronization, and also finish everything with a coherent and logical ending. And this all may not work, if the viewer does not understand the atmosphere in the first minute and generally lose interest.
One of the most favorite clips in the dramatic genre is UFets - "My World", in which the song is combined with the idea perfectly, and the theme of the video is very original, I would like to see more of videos like this.
Well, as I said, I like psychedelic genre most of all. Such works as Apologet - "Visions of life" one of the most remarkable. I watched this clip so many times, atmosphere and synchronization just perfect, just joy for my eyes.
Also like psychedelic clips from Benjamin, for example "Beyong us". Benjamin is one of the best authors. When he participates in the contest - I already know that he needs to be afraid of) I watched his "Secrets" many times, the combination of sources is simply excellent. And I like how the plot is built there - it's very important for the viewer when you understand the motivation of the characters, and even after the clip there is something to think about.
I also adore the "Burning Shadow" from Samuel, with a remarkably built-in sequence of scenes. To connect so many different eras and preserve the integrity of the clip itself - it's very difficult, but every frame is in its own place.
Of the action clips I like trailers of VadoskiN. Now he switched to the editing of official trailers for films, but I still follow his journey through media.
I remember how "The Apple Tree" from Khameleon808 surprised everyone with an amazing level of synchronization. After this work appeared so many trailer cuts, for example, the annual "Filmography" from Gen Ip (and many others), and so on. If there any editors left who did not see it ("The Apple Tree") - it's necessary to watch.
Also today very popular works like "Hell's Club". They require so much time and effort. I think that UFец has done an excellent job on the "Desert Storm" - this video demonstrate what field of creativity have editor in this genre. You can come up with a lot of combinations of sources in the most incredible way. A big respect to him for the smile that doesn’t come off my face when I rewatch this clip. And in the future I would like to see more of such works.
But in this list of my favorite authors there is a place for another Russian clipmaker KatrinDepp, which, unfortunately, is not on the site. but I’ve been following her for a very long time on youtube. I added one of her works to the site through a Proxy account: Robin Williams Tribute.
I do not even want to explain all pros of this clip, there are too many of them. But this is one of the videos, in which, in the end I even teared up a little bit. So sincerely it was made. I advise you to go to her YouTube channel for good clips and inspiration.
And there are so many other works that inspire me to create my work. I hope that this list will also inspire someone, and someone, maybe, will open new clips and authors.
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Samuel: I agree, there are many excellent authors on the web. It is necessary to invite them all to our community. I know that you choose the music tracks for your works very carefully. Share a secret? And what kind of music do you usually listen to?
-Faith-: That's for sure. Music for me is the most important aspect in the video. First of all, because before I start working on another clip I put the track on repeat and start looking for sources. Almost always that way, when I listen to a track, I choose shots. And this means that if I don’t in love with the track, then it will get boring even at this stage of process. A couple of videos, by the way died at this stage. Next - editing, and again the constant listening to the track. Second of all, I'm looking for a track that would be unknown, I don’t want to viewer to associate my work with something else. And also I need to associate track only with clip I'm working on.
And the searching process takes more time than searching for the source material. With the movies it’s easier, cause when you’re listening to the track you already have some ideas, which films comes better with your idea and music . I develop an idea and a plot from it. But with the song it's different. You need to listen a huge number of tracks to find the right one. Usually, when I watch some work and I hear a good track there, I go to YouTube and listen the most popular songs of this group. Then I look at similar musical compositions, and from there youtube takes me to the deep jungles. Sometimes on YouTube I spent the whole day just listening a good tracks and looking for similar ones.
A good example of my words group called "Les Friction". Choosing music for "Falling Earth", I wanted something in the style of "Globus - Orchard Of Mines", but this song was already in a lot of clips at that time. Through the youtube I found the group “Globus” and later "Les Friction" and I came across the song "World on fire", which lay down even better than the track I started to look from. This method has never failed.
I also subscribed to such channels as this one:
They often upload still unknown tracks. That's how you come across the epic music.
As for my musical taste, I listen to very different genres. I really love "Aerosmith", "Journey", "Foreigner", "The Rolling Stones", and rock in general, especially from the 80's and 90's. And blues rock, "Gary Moore" and, as an perfect example, "Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa" - I have whole playlists of such music.
From the modern performers I like - "Hozier", "Kaleo", "Lana Del Rey" and "Twenty One Pilots".
But actually, I'm a fan of musicals. The atmosphere in them is incredibly magical and inspiring. I love this genre in the cinema, for example, "Chicago" and "RENT" are some of my favorite, but I also like to watch shows like "Les Miserables", "Cats", or "The Wicked". Soundtracks from them I heard so many times. I have a dream to get to Broadway and to see live performance of songs. I do not think that many people here will share my affection for them, but this is my "guilty pleasure". From the latest, the "La La Land" soundtrack and the "Hamilton" musical, which won the Tony Award last year. Songs from them are very beautiful and sound in a new way, not so flat as modern popular hits.

Samuel: *The joke about "La La Land" and Oscar*. The secret of your success is revealed! And what movies do you prefer?
-Faith-: The most favorite director is David Fincher. His "Fight Club" I saw 10 times, no less, and still watch it from time to time. "Gone Girl" is one of the best thrillers of last decade. Well, he also made "Seven" and "Zodiac", the perfect films in this genre.
Also, I like Darren Aronofsky's films. He made an incredibly beautiful "Fountain", and "Black Swan" - one of my most favourite films.
I also like Tarantino's style: "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Pulp Fiction", "Four Rooms", "Reservoir dogs". And the list of my favorite films still includes "True Love", which made by Tony Scott, but the script was also written by Tarantino.
And, of course, Christopher Nolan, and his "Inception", "Prestige" and "Memento"
And Damien Chazelle's "Whiplash". It’s interesting how the career of the youngest director, who received the Oscar, will develop further.
In general, I like to watch films of the 90s, such as "Back to the Future" or movies with Robin Williams - "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Flabber." Such comedies are very relaxing and cheerful. Well, the good old action movies, like "Lethal Weapon" and "Face off", nowadays very rarely you can come across good representatives of this genre.

Samuel: What about TV shows?
-Faith-: I watch a whole bunch of TV shows, I can’t even remember everything. I really like "Mr. Robot", I can not wait for the next season. "Stranger things" is also very good, I hope the second season will be even better. I also watch "The Black Mirror", "Shameless", "Walking Dead" and, of course, "The Game of Thrones". I'm not a big fan of the universe, but how can you not watch the most popular show of our time? Also I was recently impressed by the "Detective Agency of Dirk Gently’’ one of the best comedy series of the last year. I advise everyone who loves detectives with a complicated plot, but with excellent humor.
From the series that have already ended, really liked "Breaking Bad" and "Spartacus" By the way, from the creators of "Spartacus" I’m watching "Ash vs Evil Dead" - just a wild show, especially the second season. Gallons of spilled blood don’t stop it from being so damn amusing.

Samuel: Groovy! You mentioned that you work in the e-sports, but do you play yourself?
-Faith-: Of course, I can’t avoided it! But recently I rarely play because of lack of time, so new games pass by me. But from the old games I really like "Battlefield 2142", one of the most beloved games, played for five years. Now I want to buy a new "Battlefield 1", I played in beta, I liked it very much. And shooters is my favourite. Neither "Dota 2" nor "WOW" I didn’t like, but "CS: GO" is quite another game. I like to play it and to watch tournaments. In addition, I also played in Mass Effect, in several parts of Assassin's Creed and Star Wars: Battlefront II, which I also liked in my time.
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Samuel: I hope to meet you in the "Battlefield 1" and the new "Battlefront"! And who you know from the cybersport industry you know, or at least met?
-Faith-: I think everyone who knows at least a little bit about eSports knows the teams like "Na'Vi", "Virtus.Pro", "OG", "NIP" and so on. I can not say that I know each and every person personally, I often meet with them in tournaments. And among our native CIS casters, I know such titans of commentary activity as CaspeRRR and V1lat in "Dota 2", as well as Strike and tafa in "CS: GO". I think those who are fans of the e-sports, will know this names.

Samuel: And what about your nickname, -Faith-? And why such a spelling?
-Faith-: Under this nickname, was made my very first movie in 2007, and there was no desire to change it after that. I first heard it in the series "Buffy", and then I found a singer Faith Hill, whose music I listened to. I liked how this word has a meaning, not just a name. And, without thinking twice, I used it in all my works. That's how it stucked to me. Later I regret that I chose such a simple nickname when I have to register a new account somewhere - usually all its variations are already taken. By the way, because of it, I start to use these two dashes on the sides of the nickname on Space.

Samuel: That's it, another mystery is revealed! You wrote about the short film of Vadim (Norlack) "Must Escape" (we have a trailer to it on the site). As far as I know, you took part in its creation, will you tell about it?
-Faith-: Yes, it was an excellent "level up" for me. For the first time in my life I took part in the shooting process, and as an assistant director! At first, I was very worried that something might get out of control. 30 people at total worked on the film. But it went excellent, everything was in the hands of our director.
Vadim gathered for the shooting a team of very talented people. Everyone was passinate about the idea and the script of the film, so everyone was in full capacity, despite the fact that sometimes it was necessary to shoot from six in the morning until late in the evening. Sleepy and hungry, we rushed through the city: we filmed in the church, on the Kiev streets, and in the restaurant (where we fired from the prop gun, the sound was so real that we even thought we would immediately arrested!), And even constructed a geek apartment in the pavilion, it was a shame that we had to destroy it after filming. But the effort invested in the work paid off in full - the film began its journey in Cannes and now travels to various festivals around the world. Even on TV had time to light up:

As it turned out, I like to be off-screen more than in the frame. So that’s unlikely that I will choose an acting path for myself in the future)

Samuel: It's a shame that you don’t like to be in the frame, I think) And how do you prefer to rest from all this?
-Faith-: I'm not a fan of noisy parties and clubs, I love the calm atmosphere of my sofa more. More precisely, with a book and a delicious candies, I can waste all the day like this. Anticipating your next question "What am I reading?" - I will say now. Thriller and fantasy are favorite genres. I love King, Lovecraft, Jo Nesbe - ideal representatives of genres. Recently I got carried away by books on film production, I want to try myself in the future in writing scripts. Previously I liked to write in my spare time, I never wrote something bigger than a short story. But I do not give up hope of resurrecting this hobby in the future and turn it into a habit.

Samuel: Also a fan of this kind of rest, give five! And yes, it's true. We will wait best sellers from you! And what other hidden talents do you have?
-Faith-: Hmm, let me think ... oh, I can write with both hands!
And I speak Italian little bit. I liked Italian culture, but this knowledge never came in handy.
I guess cooking skills should be mentioned, but my level of cooking skills looks something like this.
But still, I cook a good borsch. For me, that’s an achievement!)
альтернативный текст
Samuel: Really, I'll have to check it out! And on the wave of popularity of the comic book movies - what superpower would you like to have?
-Faith-: It's hard to choose one, but travel in time would be great.
I would like to live in different ages, talk to famous people, or I would go to the future - often wonder what else people will come up with in 200 years! So many stories can be found there. Or if you take on a smaller scale, then if you fail somewhere - you can always go back to the past and that’s it! You will always be awesome!

Samuel: I agree, also would not refused from it. What principles do you stick in your life?
-Faith-: I think that you always need to learn something new. Some people think that studying ends when you get a diploma, but it's wrong. We are living in the age of information, any knowledge is available, it's only a matter of wanting to learn. Constant progress in our time is already a necessity. You can become a specialist in any field, it's only a matter of efforts. Well, here, of course, you still need to believe in yourself. The very process of learning is the struggle with your laziness and fear. But if you have enough motivation and you are ready to make efforts day after day - very soon you will see progress. You must remember that those who do not move forward eventually retreat.

Samuel: Learn, learn, and learn again! And in the editing you do not immediately come to all the obvious truths in the approach to work. How did your editing skills develop, and how do you approach the editing of the clips now?
-Faith-: Yes, I studied everything by trying.. As I already mentioned, I started with Movie Maker, and after it I tried a whole bunch of programs. I worked a decent time in "Nero Vision" and "Pinnacle Studio". But they all fade in comparison with the Great and Mighty "Sony Vegas"!
Even Adobe Premiere could not replace it. Although its functionality is more suitable for a bundle with After Effects, and this function is sometimes just irreplaceable. But if you consider the speed with which you can make a video Vegas has no equal. Almost 7 years together.
As for editing of clips - everything is standard. My way of working is to select a couple of movies that will be the main theme of the whole video. Than I try to figure out what is the most epic moment in the song will look like. If there is a plot already in my head, I edit scenes in the video. As a result, I can add ten more sources, but more of these couple I start and on their atmosphere I select all of the others. And then I start to looking through the huge amount of the films and see if they fit the style and idea. If I like shots, I cut out them with VirtualDub. To find the source, I think, like everyone else, I watch a whole bunch of trailers and sometimes I find, not very well-known short films with a beautiful visual. And this is just a gift, especially if these shots also fits my idea perfectly.

Samuel: Vegas is everything! Are there any plans for the future?
-Faith-: I do not plan anything for the future. There is a great idea for a new clip, but I can not promise to make it for "CreaCon 2017". Cause the deadline is very soon, and the video is still far from complete. One thing I can say for sure is that I'm not going to quit and I will definitely participate in other competitions.

Samuel: We'll wait for your new creations, and hope that you will make it to Creacon! I think we could finish the interview. Would you like to tell something to our viewers and readers?
-Faith-: Of course, I wish everyone to be open to new ideas! And what is more important - the strength and endurance for their creation. Never give up if something does not work out. Well, most importantly, ask friends for advice and help.
Thank you all! Authors - for their creative contribution to the development of our community, for constantly inventing new methods of editing and realizing their ideas. You are moving our community forward! And thanks to the audience, who devote time to watch our work.
And, of course, a special thanks to Turbo for such a wonderful and cozy resource! Live long and prosper! I wish you all good ideas and patience in creating clips! Bye!


Кимка - 03.04.2017 в 07:46  
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"замечательный и уютный ресурс!" (C) Faith
Benjamin - 02.04.2017 в 07:07  
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Ты огромная умница! Постоянного вдохновления и новых идей!
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Sam неумолимо идет по топу спейса )
Крутое интервью, прочитал с огромным интересом. С каждым новым автором, понимаю насколько скучно и неправильно я живу )
Спасибо Сэму и Фейт за труды, за вдохновение, за слова напутствия. Фейт хочу пожелать удачи в дальнейшем, продолжай радовать нас своими работами и подавай пример для подражания )
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Классная девушка, чудесный человек, крутой автор. Есть с кого брать пример)
Спасибо за материалы, очень интересно читать!
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