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Injectable Soldier

Injectable Soldier
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Video source:Warframe, Raiders Of The Broken Planet, Quake Champions, Immortal Unchained, Dolmen
Music:Glory Oath Blood- Endorfiendz - Injectable Soldier
Video parameters:1920x1080 H264 (17965 kbps)
Audio parameters:AAC
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Date added:29.04.2018

I just wanted to make some scifi gmv and I end up done this in one day During past year I somehow manage gain knowliege how to create more interesting but I still have long way to go to create epic way all the time
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Zaxyss - 04.05.2018 в 17:06  
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Well I wanted to make better scifi gmv but recently there are not so much scifi trailers/games coming out.... Recent trend is making more historical/ fantasy games and i got tired of those. I'm sort of ideas but figure out something. Anyways thanks for respond
Илья Чижов - 03.05.2018 в 23:12  
0 | 0
As 'one-day-clip' it is ok. I did a few 'one-day-trailers' 2 years ago. It is a good way just to manage your possibilities to create something in short time or just to gain some extra XP. This GMV is too fragmented and doesn't make a whole construction. Some fragments are good, but is not enough to make this video better than your previous ones. Thank you.
Anejo - 30.04.2018 в 12:55  
0 | 0
Восприятию мешало слишком разное качество кусков, игровых моментов и анимации.
Анимированные арты в конце заинтересовали. Было бы интересно увидеть клип из таких исходников.
В остальном - типичный экшен, не слишком изобретательный, но смотрибельный.