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Video source:Supernatural (Tv)
Music:Balmorhea - Truth
Genres:Character Profile / TV Series / Classical
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It was made in 2013.
It is a character profile on "Bobby Singer" and his status among the main characters as an adopted father.
It uses seasons 1 - 8.

I do not know how to make soft subtitles; here is the dialogue used for auto-translate:
"God's gonna punish you"
"I don't understand... You're a good man. You'd be a good dad."
"What is the matter with you?"
"I dunno I'm sorry"
"You break everything you touch!"
"He's a kid, John - I know I ain't their dad."
"What does that even mean, you break everything you touch?"
"So, uh, what's the big demon problem?"
"You are - this is for your own good."
"Bobby - what the hell are you doing here?"
"You'll die if you lose, Bobby."
"So what if I do, huh? What exactly am I living for?"
"You're not useless, Bobby. Ok, no matter what shape you're in - bottom line is - you're family."
"C'mon Bobby, nobody wants their picture taken."
"Hear hear."
"Uh, shuddap, you're drinking my beer."
"I don't know if you've noticed, but me and Sam, we don't have much left."
"Where'd you get the money? Steal it?"
"No, Uncle Bobby gave it to me to give to him. Said it was real special. [...] Dad's gonna be here, right?"
"He'll be here."
"It's Christmas."
"He knows."
"Hey Bobby, where are we going?"
"Well, Dean, where's it look like?"
"But Dad says I'm supposed to practice with a double barrel."
"You're gonna throw a ball around, just like a regular little snot-nosed little jerk."
"We have the coolest dad in the world. He's a super hero."
"Well let me tell you something: your dad was a coward. You are a better man than your daddy ever was."
"What the hell happened to you?"
"Reality happened."
"You can't give up, son."
"Cas? Are we running or fighting?"
"You got the gruff thing down, ready to die with your boots on. But you know deep down inside, you're no cynic. You still hope."
"Next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family - and you are like a brother to me."
"Ok, step right up, Cas."
"You sent demons after them? They're my friends!"
"What is it with you Winchesters, huh? You're both just itching to throw yourselves down the pit."
"What is that?"
"That's the round I mean to put through my skull. I never do it. You know why? Because I promised you - I wouldn't give up!"
"Are you idjits trying to kill me?"
"So I gotta ask, Dean, what exactly are you afraid of?"
"I get it wasn't easy. But that's life, and it's as close to happiness as I've ever seen a hunter get."
"So how about you two sac up and help me for once?"
"Your name is Robert Steven Singer, you're about the closest thing I have to a father!"
"I love that boy like a son."
"You boys are the closest thing I have to family."
"Family don't end with blood."
"What other choice do we have?"
"We could choose life."
"You've been cleaning up our messes for years, Bobby, y'know without you I don't even wanna think about where me and Sam would've ended up."
"Sam, Dean, I love you like my own, I do."
"See, just 'cause you're blood doesn't make you family. You gotta earn that."
"At the end of the day, you two are family. Life's short. Our's are shorter than most."
"And when it's your time.. Go."
"Bobby, you got handed a small, unremarkable life, and you did something with it. You've done enough. Believe me. You've helped."
Preview source: [CreaSpace] [YouTube]

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t0m1k - 20.01.2019 в 11:56  
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полагаю работа сугубо для фанатов сериала
ну, довольно посредственно. Дикая смена кадров фейдами без какой-либо передачи смысла, сюжета и т.д. просто набор кадров (сериал не смотрел, поэтому для меня это так)
за повествование отвечает лишь голос и не более.
ну и в плане тех вопроса плохо все, в 2013 уже можно было делать достаточно качественно