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Satisfying kills

Satisfying kills
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Video source:Cod: Modern Warfare Warzone
Music:Philipp Beesen - Shadow Warrior
Genres:Game / Epic Uplifting Orchestral
Video parameters:1920x1080 H264 (4389 kbps)
Audio parameters:AAC
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Date added:15.08.2020
Well I don't know it this type of content fit on this website, but I will post it anyway

In short, i recording my matches quite some time, but I didn't know how to use them, so I got idea to use most satisfying kills(well It's all about a action anyway) and this is my first attempt.

Hope you Enjoy
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Zaxyss - 02.10.2020 в 08:59  
1 | 0
First of all thanks for feedback...
Well this kind ofr work is not my cup of tea I just feel urgent to leave something from this time although I was trying find something good but when I don't have many cool moments So I join together what I got, but don't worry this is my first and last this type of creation. IT's more something like memento for me
t0m1k - 01.10.2020 в 21:58  
0 | 0
Sorry, but for today this work is pretty weak...
In such clips you can show your gaming skill (sick trickshots, headshots in slow motion, some lucky events etc) or your editing skills (3d graphics, effects, transitions, sync etc) and here we see nothing...
Even if you open some old clips on youtube about mw2 for instance, you will see some ideas, some cool MV collaboration, great editing skills and amazing trickshots...
sorry man, but you had plenty of material and it's sad that this is all you've managed to create