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Aliens Legacy

Aliens Legacy
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Video source:Invasion America
Music:Chiaki Ishikawa, Geekymcgeekstein - Uninstall
Genres:Drama / Story / Action / Cartoon / TV Series / Character Profile / J-Pop
Contest: CreaCon 2021
Video parameters:1280x960 H264 (5288 kbps)
Audio parameters:AAC
Comments:5  [ month: 1 ]
on-line views:1
Date added:08.09.2021

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Hi, I am joining this contest because I like cartoons and making amvs with them. I use Movavi Video Editor 4 and a MacBook Air. For this contest I had to chose between a few videos. The final 3 all used the same song. This version is sung in English by a fan, with the beginning and the end of the song from the original singer. In the end my mom actually like this one the most. Hopefully they will be another contest that I will be I will be able to show the other videos and the subtitles I made thank to Artofeel recommendation of Aegisub. I do appreciate the recommendation that Turbo gave me of notepad++. I know my main screenshot has little to do with the video. Ii just needed to have CreaCon on it.

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Nerverean - 06.10.2021 в 22:23  
0 | 0
Like it, thank you.
De29v101L - 04.10.2021 в 23:57  
0 | 0
unfortunately, this style of montage is outdated for 20 years I guess )
Илья Чижов - 17.09.2021 в 23:17  
0 | 0
Thanks for participation and for this nostalgic montage feelings. Some kind of soul in this video i see. Montage is a weak spot here for today.
Муняша - 13.09.2021 в 22:24  
0 | 0
Клип показался немного затянутым, скорее всего из-за того, что он почти не зацепил. Качество разрешения видео, конечно, оставляет желать лучшего, но возможно это проблема слабого редактора. Музыка временами странно себя ведет, но сам выбор песни хороший. Успехов тебе, Bean
Leberate - 13.09.2021 в 12:14  
2 | 1
Классный постер, классный клиип. Талант не отнять!